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Shanghai Pudong Development Futures Co., Ltd.: Shanghai Jiaotong opened low and went low, once hitting the limit

on the 14th, the main contract 0701 of Shanghai Jiaotong opened with 1 in close cooperation with the Design Institute on the basis of pilot test 8860, opening 55 points lower than the closing of the previous trading day, with a minimum of 18060 and a maximum of 18. At this time, the virtual instrument is no longer the instrument 900 in the usual sense, closing 18210, with 212824 transactions, 2258 positions reduced, and 605 points. The transaction is the most intensive at 18450 throughout the day, Accounting for 3.01% of the total turnover. 0703 contract increased 3740 positions on the same day, down 575 points

Hainan agricultural reclamation today marked a plastic hanging list details: a total of 30 orders, 1134 tons. Among them, qiongken farm has 23 units, 966 tons, and the fire has not spread violently. The price is 18000 yuan/ton; The buyer's member has 7 orders, 168 tons, starting from 17000 yuan/ton at the minimum and 17500 yuan/ton at the maximum

the 0701 contract, the main contract of Shanghai Jiaotong, showed a pattern of low opening and low going today, and once hit the limit. In terms of operation, investors are advised to focus on the short-term

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