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Shanghai Jinshan does not engage in "one size fits all" exploration of environmental protection capacity "list system"

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core tip: [China Packaging News] we should not only continue to improve the business environment, but also resolutely maintain the rigidity of environmental protection. Recently, we learned that Shanghai is exploring the comprehensive "list" management of environmental capacity space in Jinshan

[China Packaging News] we should not only continue to improve the business environment, but also resolutely maintain the rigidity of environmental protection. It has been learned recently that Shanghai is exploring the comprehensive "list" management mechanism of environmental capacity space in Jinshan. While maintaining the red line and bottom line of the ecological environment and strictly implementing the list of environmental protection access, it has established a self-examination list of enterprises to form "one enterprise, one file, one enterprise and one order", so as to give enterprises more guidance and directions, and improve the comprehensive benefits of environmental capacity space

Shanghai Jinshan scientifically and reasonably formulated the "red line" of ecological protection, the "bottom line" of environmental quality, such as aquaculture, the "online" of resource development and utilization, and the list of environmental access to reserve development space. At the same time, combined with the actual situation of enterprises, formulate a list of emergency emission reduction measures for air pollution, form a "one enterprise one order", do not engage in "one size fits all" whole plant shutdown, implement "exemption management" for enterprises with good pollution control, promote enterprises to eliminate equipment failures as soon as possible, and actively speed up the progress of environmental protection equipment transformation

in order to ensure the early implementation and production of projects, and implement effective environmental management, it is necessary to give enterprises more guidance and guidance, and help enterprises avoid detours. In Jinshan, Shanghai, the environmental protection department has formulated relevant approval principles for the local leading development industries, providing advance guidance and technical guidance for the investment attraction of industrial parks, the investment of construction units, and the preparation of environmental assessment unit reports. At the same time, a third party of environmental protection was introduced to assist in supervision and law enforcement, and a field survey record was made to record the basic situation of the enterprise in detail. Inspection and guidance were carried out in parallel, and a "one enterprise, one file" was established for 144 key enterprises in the region

on this basis, the "checklist self-examination" is introduced. The environmental protection department has formed a comprehensive law enforcement list by sorting out 27 key monitoring points such as water, gas, sound and slag. It requires key enterprises to actively compare the law enforcement list to sort out relevant problems in pollution control, account management, operation of environmental protection facilities and so on. Law enforcement personnel are responsible for giving targeted guidance to help enterprises find solutions together

at present, Jinshan has initially formed a five step working method of "one inspection, two persuasions, three changes, four penalties and five publicity" in the inspection of environmental protection law enforcement, so as to achieve both strength and temperature. For enterprises that have environmental violations, but have slight environmental impact, do not cause harmful consequences to the environment, and can correct them in time, issue the opinions on environmental supervision and law enforcement to help enterprises minimize the negative impact of environmental protection administrative punishment. However, in the clean-up and rectification of illegal construction projects, we will resolutely shut down a number of "scattered pollution" enterprises, promote the transformation and upgrading of industrial structure, and make room for high-quality projects

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