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Guantong Futures: Shanghai Jiaotong futures fell slightly, mainly in the short term recently

today, the main contract 811 of Shanghai Jiaotong futures fell violently, but with the support of spot and recent month contracts, the decline was very limited. At the end of the day, it fell 225 to close, bringing a large production of 25295 to the enterprise, and the position increased by 4000 to more than 90000 hands

in the domestic and foreign spot markets, the average transaction price of domestic standard 1 glue in the pop-up rubber market of China security sales was 27181 yuan/ton, a slight decrease of 19 yuan compared with last Friday, and only a small amount of (1) 381 tons of reinforcement were traded; The concentrated latex was 615 tons, with an average transaction price of 17140 yuan/ton, lower than 17146 yuan/ton last Friday, with a limited decline

long funds cautiously moved to contract 811. As the development of modern plastic industry cannot be separated from the huge price difference of composite materials in contract 809, there is a rebound momentum in 811. Bulls are still afraid of the increase in future supply. They are concerned about the recovery of supply and the performance of crude oil. It is more appropriate to wait and see in the short term or take an appropriate long position in the main contract

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